365 Grateful: Sooo, Cow!

Image of cow in a field with poetry.

Enjoyed a great trip to Amish Country and stayed at a delightful AirBnB that was out in the country, on a working farm, where the quietness was a welcome relief from typical shopping and PEOPLE everywhere.

The following morning, there were cattle just across the lane, two of them young. So I wandered over to capture a photo, leaned on the fence, and called, “sooo, cow,” which is something my late husband used to do all the time whenever we passed a field with cattle.

This youngster got curious and began walking toward me, inspiring these thoughts. Now, I don’t know if this was a heifer, but I decided it was a she. (The grass was too high to tell…)

In case you can’t see the image, here’s the poem:

Soooo, Cow

“Sooo, Cow,” I called, and she lifted her head,
curiosity sparked in her eyes.
She took a few steps through flowing green grass
never questioning if it were wise.

Onward she strode through a riot of gold,
thanks to flowers that glittered the lea.
A communion somehow between human and cow,
both channeling audacity.

Number 124, as her ear tags proclaimed,
had no fear of right versus wrong.
How I honor her thinking that life is a game
to be played and enjoyed all along!

Blessed be.

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