365 Grateful: Creative Transformation

Been studying on Spills, the Imp, one of the nine modern muses for creativity. She (or he, if you prefer) is all about imperfection vs. paralyzing perfection and finding the aha moments in errors and mistakes, and using them to slingshot to new, creative ways of thinking.

So I wrote this, and painted that image above. If you can’t see the image, here are the words:

Creative Transformation

Spills the Imp* came by today
as you can plainly see.
She put her cup not on the tray,
but on a canvas meant for me.

“Oops, she said, her impish grin
nary a bit dismayed.
She pursed her lips and tapped her chin:
“Oh, look at what I’ve made!”

A mess, I thought, but no, not she,
who laughed delightedly.
“Look closely now, and tell me, please,
exactly what you see!”

With a sigh, I looked, quite pained,
and here is what I saw:
what I called a coffee stain,
well, it wasn’t one at all!

Instead, I spied a looking glass
to change the way I view
misteaks and errers, goofs and gaffes.
Possibilities anew!

*Spills is one of the Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) who helps reawaken creativity in mortals who are having difficulties. She’s one of the brainchildren of Creativity guru Jill Badonsky, and she’s one of the muses I use and invoke as a Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. I’m also working toward being authorized to conduct Muse workshops with folks who just want to jump start their creativity, or find it if it’s gone missing (or they haven’t really accessed it until now). Trust me…we’re all creative in everything we do.

It’s certainly sparked my creativity.

You can find Jill’s book, “The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)” on Amazon. Interested in coaching? Or in workshops on the muses? You can reach me through my website at jcrowcoaching.group

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