(Before, during, and after.)

Divorce Coaching … and Career Change.

These two situations may seem unrelated, but the two often go hand-in-hand. Either way, they’re both huge transitions on their own. As a certified Divorce Coach® and a Chartered Career Coach™, I can help.

Are you wrestling with trying to decide whether to breathe new life into a relationship that no longer satisfies or just calling it quits? Maybe you’ve already decided divorce is the answer and now you’re discovering just how overwhelming divorce can be. Perhaps you’re not the one who started the divorce but you’re still reeling from the effects. Or just maybe you’ve made it through the divorce and are wondering, “now what?” — especially if that means you’re re-entering the job market or looking for a job change to help you re-situate your life.

If you’re in any of these spots, let’s talk – or rather, let’s coach. I can be your thinking partner:

  • The one who’s not going to tell you what to do but help YOU figure it out for yourself.
  • The one who’s nonjudgmental and objective, your greatest supporter and champion.
  • The one who can help you figure out your skills and abilities, what’s missing, or what you may be overlooking or playing down.
  • The one who’s all about helping you decide what you want, how you want to be, and what plans you want to make. I’m also the one who will hold you accountable, too.
  • The one who’s your champion and greatest supporter – whether that’s deciding if divorce is right, working through the actual divorce itself, or planning for the future (or all three).

I love working with women and men in transition by helping them tame the chaos, reclaim their strengths, and rebuild life on their own terms. As an objective, supportive thinking partner before, during, and after divorce — and before, during, and after career transitions, I help you process your feelings, figure out goals, skills, and interests, and make stronger decisions. As a result, you’re better prepared to meet with attorneys, financial planners, and other experts during the divorce process, and you’re ready to tackle job searches and interviews with confidence!

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