Personal coaching

So, what story are you living? Hope it’s working well for you, but on the off chance it could be better … maybe coaching can help.

As a coach, I believe everyone is creative, resourceful, and whole – with the answers inside of them. Sometimes it can be hard to tap into those answers. Coaching can help you do that. 

I’m a supportive, confidential coach who’s an objective thinking partner. By inviting me to help you claim your story and reframe it, you can further your journey toward living authentically – and being authentic in everything you do. You’ll make decisions that resonate with the passion and purpose of your life.

Coaching helps you figure out values that matter and makes sure you keep them in your sights, much like a guiding North Star. Throughout your coaching journey, you can expect thought-provoking questions, challenges and help with goal setting. There’s accountability in there, too.

I’ll be happy to walk the path with you for a time, discover the story you’re telling and help you uncover the one you’re meant to tell.

My bundle of five 60-minute personal coaching sessions for personal growth and self-discovery offers a great exploration of what coaching can do for you, but if you want a one-time coaching session for a short-term issue, I’ve got that covered, too.

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