365 Grateful: A Flight of Butterflies

Ever looked at something and had a completely different interpretation of what it was?

I have. Many times. And I love that sense of looking at the world differently, seeing through alternate realities, new lenses, fresh eyes.

The other day I pulled up in a drive-through, and I looked up toward the car ahead of me and saw … butterflies, circling and swirling all around that car! I was lost in the moment … for a moment … until I realized those were leaves left over from winter. But for a moment or two, I was transfixed. And I’m grateful for being able to see something new, unique, different, and beautiful in a thing that I might have considered unremarkable.

So next time you’re looking at something and you suddenly realize it’s not what you thought at all, run with it! Chase it down. Let it carry you away in your creative imagination. See where it leads you. It might be fun!

In case you can’t see the image above, here’s what it says:

A Flight of Butterflies

I’m enchanted! I’m startled! I’m filled up with awe
at a bevy of butterflies encircling that car!

Gracefully circling, they curve up and around,
swooping and swirling from rooftop to ground
I sit in delight for a moment or two,
then my mind catches up to this wonder-filled view.

These are no butterflies winging up to the sky;
they’re but dry, brittle leaves a vortex has flung high.

Their flight, oh, so graceful, their moment to rise;
a gift from the wind and my wondering eyes.

Reincarnated now with a fresh breath of life.
Yet dreaming, perhaps, of a butterfly’s flight.

Blessed be.

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