365 Grateful: The Pillow Fort

Welcome to my pillow fort
Where days are long and nights aren’t short.
Where leopards change their spots each day,
and sea monsters embrace the spray
to offer free safari rides
complete with mermaid tourist guides.
Here, tigers prowl and monkeys roar,
while pelicans and Dodos soar.
Across the way a spaceship floats
Above a herd of fainting goats.
Look! Starfish constellations glow
so you can see where you might go!
Oh, creativity runs wild
(…even if you’re not a child.)

I woke up with these words the other day, and I attribute it to creativity guru Jill Badonsky’s email signature that always includes “sent from my pillow fort.” I’ve always loved that, especially the child-like creativity and sense of play it inspires in me.

Yes, and creativity is not just for children, it’s for all of us. Embrace yours. Take a ride on a sea monster guided safari and check out the starfish constellations next time you’re outside in the dark. Or the light. I don’t think it matters. With creativity and an imagination, it’s always possible.

Blessed be.

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