365 Grateful: Green

This morning I woke up just before the sun, stumbled to the bathroom, fed the cat, and sat down on the sofa looking out into nature. And there it was: green. Overwhelming greenness everywhere. Leafy greens of multitudinous shades. Grasses and weeds alike sporting new, glowing growth. How did this happen overnight? It was as though the world splashed buckets of paint all over itself. And then, a starling flitted by my window to perch in full view on the deck railing. Not a fan of those European stowaways. But a closer look showed his true colors, and they took my breath away.

Funny what you notice when your senses are opened.

Blessed be.

And suddenly the world is green,
a viridescent offering
where overnight the trees, it seems,
unfurled a leafy springtime scene
in shades of fern and forest green,
chartreuse and teal, aquamarine.

The grasses, not to be undone,
have welcomed back the warming sun.
Over the thawed-out ground they’ve laid
a luscious tapestry of jade
all flecked with olive, pear, and mint,
lime and sage and emerald tints.

Fresh, sweet flowers rise up and vine
above new leaves of moss and pine.
Look, a shiny drab starling flies,
discordant black a harsh surprise!
And yet … his throat and wingspan gleam
in shades of iridescent green.

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