365 Grateful: Possum Dreams

Possum Dreams:

In monochromatic pre-dawn light
a possum snuffles into sight
rooting through the soil and grass
for some omnivorous bedtime snacks
to fuel her daytime slumbering.

Your den is near, my friend, don’t rush:
there’s time to savor night’s soft hush.
Before the sun awakes with yawns
to call the day-shift forth at dawn,
you’ll be deep in dreams beneath my deck.

This possum, and a few generations of its ancestors, have found my under-deck a perfect spot for sleep and safety. I don’t begrudge them, for they help rid my lawn of ticks and hooverize leftover birdseed.

So don’t fear the possum, though it may appear formidable. They are of more help to you than you’d think, and why hurt something that simply plays dead when threatened?

This poem was fueled by an early morning encounter through my window. It’s funny how the noticing of something bubbles around in your head until you wake up a few days later with the first two lines of something. A nice way to start the day, with creativity pumping through your psyche. Grateful to be a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach who helps people with their creative procrastination, blocks, perfectionism. Also grateful it rubs off on me.

Blessed be.

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