365 Grateful: Tonight Is AHA

Tonight is SuperMoon – a pink one – with a tinge of Asiago Bagel coloration, creating a battle for me here on earth. 

It’s me against a tiny tripod not nearly stable for a seldom-used camera and dying battery. 

Tonight is Fight: a too-flexible garbage can lid shifting under the weight of an alien camera.

Enter Regret, for relying on automaticity. 

Still. It’s SuperMoon, glorious, 238,900 miles from where I stand, transfixed, tiny tripod, alien camera, flatlined battery, and recalcitrant garbage can lid forgotten.

Tonight is an ET Moon.
A noticing how it silhouettes with astonishing clarity pine cones at the tops of impossibly tall trees an acre away. 

Tonight is an AHA, probably of Jack and the Beanstalk proportions, now that I think about it.

— Jennifer Johnston Crow

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