Mom-n-Dad: the Archetype

And in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day one month hence, I offer this blog post from 2013. It’s as true now as it ever was. Happy Day to you, however you embody the Mom-n-Dad Archetype!

JCrow Coaching

nurtureI picked up Arnold Mindell’s book, Dreaming While Awake, the other day. It’s about 24-hour lucid dreaming. I ordered it because of my current obsession with Quantum Flirts, and this book roots around in Flirts, quantum physics, and the mind.

I appreciate this whole concept because I think it works – and it works well – if we allow ourselves to take the time in the moment to pay attention and do the work. Let me give you a taste of what I mean.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, I was pretty crabby. And just to set the record completely straight: I am not a mother. I AM a stepmother to a grown, really cool woman, and I am a mother to various four-legged creatures, and sometimes I feel like a mother to other assorted adults in my life. I did have a mother, and I know lots of mothers…

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