365 Grateful: light through rain

365 Grateful-06-24-2019

I am, indeed, in love with the quality of light that filters through rain in the atmosphere. Tonight, from my front porch, the rich, warm glow of the sky lit up my heart as well. What an amazing world we live in, if we but look and see. Grateful.

6 thoughts on “365 Grateful: light through rain

    1. Jennifer Johnston Crow says:

      It was an antidote to me as well! Glad to hear from you. By the way, i may be in your neck of the woods in February 2020 if you will be around. Will check dates. First half of month likely toward the end of the first week. Rock gem and mineral show!

      1. Lynda Edwards says:

        I’d have loved to see you, kiddo, but alas, we’re no longer in Tucson. (Dusty) Palm Desert, CA is the site of our new digs. I’ll explain soon…

  1. Lynda Edwards says:

    Sorry about the duplication, Jenn; WordPress was jerking me around. But that sight was worth at least two thank-yous, anyway…and even more. 😉

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