365 Grateful: Oh, there’s Magic out there

365 Grateful 03-04-2019

I discovered a little magic today on this cold, snowy morning: a lamp post in the woods, I daresay a standalone relic of a more magical time. In fact, I may have stumbled upon an entry into Narnia, though I didn’t stop to look for a wardrobe through which I might return.

A lamp post! Along the road I was traveling with no house in sight, only overgrown trees, and a set of stairs inviting me there! No doubt had I ventured off, I’d have found Mr. Tumnus the Faun’s home. And I, I really wanted to walk it, but work was calling and the adult in me regretfully won the day. But not before I took a photo. Proof there is still magic in the world.

Those of you who’ve visited Narnia through the magical writing of C.S. Lewis will smile and feel a little warmer about now … you may even sense there’s a thaw looming.

For those of you who have never read the Narnia books, why ever not? They are magic incarnate, nectar for children and for adults who give their inner child free reign. They are classics in the Christian genre. They are classics in the fantasy genre. They are timeless in any genre. And therein lies their magic: that Narnia is what you wish it to be — the stuff of Christian doctrine or the stuff of adventure and fantasy where good triumphs evil, though not without cost. It’s the hero’s journey — seven times over — and it’s the genesis for sparking imagination or rekindling a jaded mind. Its pages are a marvelous place to visit, and it restores your mind and your faith in people. It’s worth a read.

But that’s all beside the point. The point is, folks, magic exists in our world. It exists if you have the eyes to look and the curiosity to seek, the imagination to create, and the courage to allow the pages of a book — even an older children’s book! — to dance about in your brain and captivate your heart.

I found magic today. So now I dare you to look around you and find some magic of your own. It’s there. Somewhere. But if it’s in short supply or you’re just out of practice, then why not pick up The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and plunge into that wintry wood. Find the lamp post that burns still and forever. Follow those odd tracks until you find Mr. Tumnus’ house. By then, you should be getting back into practice for noticing magical moments when they appear in this weary world and this agitated time.

That’s something magical in a world that’s forgotten to even look for it.

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