365 Grateful: dancing in the rain

There’s nothing so glorious as a summer rain, and never so much appreciated as when nature dances in the rain. That happened today, and I got to watch and marvel as the grasses in the field beside my home seemed to dance in wild abandon with the rain, which left behind glittering jewels for their partners to wear for a while.


Today is tall grass in stasis,
immobile, saving energy,
in the sunbaked field outside my door
until barely a skiff of wind
breathes a hint of expectation
for those who attend to nature
or whose bones creak and joints seize.

Yes, there is change in the air now.
Quick moving clouds chase sun from sky,
bringing the clean smell of cool rain
from somewhere west of where I stand,
watching and waiting for its arrival.

Anticipation is heady.
It’s as though nature holds its breath,
awaiting the first soft raindrops
that will quell this shimmering heat
and shower life-giving moisture.

The release is quick, powerful.
Large drops fling themselves in straight lines
to silently welcoming grass
that springs to life in ecstasy
to dance in a joyous tango
with the droplets of sweet, fresh rain.

Caught up in their exuberance,
I watch for as long as it lasts,
this graceful shower of delight,
and marvel, then, how the diamonds
left behind by the summer rain
glitter and glint in the grasses
that still sway in memory of dance
on this midsummer afternoon.

(c) Jennifer Johnston Crow

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