365 Grateful: No Fear

365-02-06-2015So, baseball great Babe Ruth was born today back in 1895. I stumbled across his words this afternoon in a wonderful book called A Gift of Days by Steven Alcorn. They seem fortuitous. Maybe it’s because baseball’s around the corner and I’m pining for warmer weather, or maybe it’s because his words are something the universe felt I needed. See, I’m chasing after a certification as a Divorce Coach and, although I coach people all the time, it’s hard to swing when you’re learning, especially when it’s a little like being in a fish bowl with lots of fellow students listening. It doesn’t help when you carry around a bit of a need to be seen as competent, either.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” Oh, I love that. I may just adopt that as my new mantra. Because, let’s face it, if you let the fear get in the way, doesn’t that just mean you’re holding back, not giving it your all, and maybe not even swinging the bat?

Last night in class, I swung the bat. I connected — not a home run — but I heard the crack of bat hitting ball and felt the whoosh of air as it moved off.

And you know what? I’m about as happy with that as I would’ve been had the bases been loaded and had the ball swept over the fence and into the stands way out past the outfield.

I’m grateful today for Babe Ruth’s common sense. I’m grateful for fear, because it pushes me a little but offers such rewards when I push back. What about you? Where is fear getting in the way? Go ahead and strike out; at least you swung.



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