365 Grateful: Good Enough

365 - 01-28-2015

Today, I’m sitting in my seat wayyyy back in the plane en route from Austin to Dallas when this guy walks by. I glance up as he nears me, and immediately grab my phone, watching for his return trip. I politely tap him on the arm and ask to photograph his shirt.

You have to love this guy’s refreshing honesty! He’s the world’s Okayest Guitar Player, and proud of it. And why not? It’s good enough. My encounter sets my mind churning over what it means to be the okayest at something — and you know what? I’m OK with that.

Perfectionism is an insidious thing that steals pleasure and satisfaction from us all. Why not simply enjoy what we do at whatever level we do it? Look at him! The world’s okayest guitar player undoubtedly has fun, indulges his sense of humor, relaxes with a fine hobby, and likely entertains others as well as himself.

I would like to believe that his music sparks impromptu singalongs when his buddies get together, creates moments never to be forgotten around the campfire on vacation trips or with friends around the firepit, and maybe even provides a sense of community and relationship at family and friends’ special occasions.

I envision him using those okayest guitar skills when he seeks solace in music to ease a mood or to celebrate something wonderful.

So today, I’m grateful for OKAY, and I say celebrate it! Love where you are. By all means, strive to be all that you can, but don’t go staking the farm on achieving perfection. It isn’t just elusive … It really doesn’t exist. Instead, be happy with good enough.

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