365 Grateful: 10.27.2014

365 - 10-27-2014

Grateful for four-footed teachers. Is there any single thing more focused, more intense than a dog whose eyes have spied food? It’s a single-mindedness that puts we mere humans to shame, for the dog puts every ounce of his being into one tasty goal — securing that chunk of chicken. I wonder, sometimes, what I could accomplish if only I could set my eyes so clearly on a goal, mindful of achieving it. Yet, I also celebrate the slowness of pure immersion in the moment, goals tossed aside in enjoyment of the moment. Data’s just as good at that as he is at hyperfocusing on food. Sometimes he doesn’t get the chunk of chicken, but he goes on his way, perfectly content in the moment at hand. I have to admit that I covet the art of mindfulness, too.


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