365 Grateful: 10.21.2014

365 - 10-21-2014

Consider the lowly drain pipe. It’s not very glamorous. In fact, it’s downright utilitarian, like shop lights in a garage. Function, not form. (You’re not interested in style, you’re interested in light. Or in this case, water. Or shedding it. But it serves a worthy purpose, this ferrying of water away from crucial things like houses and basements and risky foundations. It’s one of those taken-for-granted helpers.

So I’m thinking about that. What serves to wick away stuff for me? What serves as a conduit, ferrying something from me to another destination? And my eyes come to mind because they leak tears whenever there’s a surfeit of emotions — both good and bad. They lighten the emotional toll so I can more quickly regain my equilibrium. I’m grateful, then, for things like drainpipes, whatever form they may take!

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