365 Grateful: 10.20.2014

365 - 10-20-2014

Fireworks have a fascination for many of us — the eyes can’t help but follow the arc of the projectile as it rockets into the air and then gaze in appreciation as it explodes into colors and shapes that slowly fade as the embers drop toward earth. But when you capture one, over water, you notice other things. Like the path it clearly outlines. It hardly matters whether that path leads to you or to the explosion of awesomeness; there’s meaning in both directions. Either it’s pointing the way toward you (Baby, you’re a firework!) or it’s leading you toward it (Come and let your colors burst!). Grateful for the reminder that we all have the potential to, as Katy Perry sings, “make ’em go, ‘oh, oh, oh!’ as you shoot across the sky-y-y!” Boom, baby.

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