365 Grateful: 04.07.2014

365 - 04-07-2014

Sitting here this morning trying to find the gratitude in the latest political sex scandal — newly elected (and married) Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, who campaigned as a Conservative Christian and who was caught on video making out with a married female staffer. For some reason I am highly offended, a little odd for me. But I think I can name the “why” behind my indignation.

It’s not that he made a mistake — we all do; we’re human. I think it’s more about how people like Rep. McAllister maneuver into positions of power using a platform that claims the high road, the right road, the righteous road. But heaven forbid they must adhere to that. It’s the ol’ double standard, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, I’m-above-the-rest-of-you attitude that far, far overshadows our human foibles.

McAllister and thousands of people like him forget they’re human.

If you’re running on a platform that’s Conservative Christian — or of any other ilk — then live it. Because when you get there (wherever “there” is) and don’t live and breathe it, you really have no right to stand on it or make decisions that affect other people while using that platform as your measuring stick.

What’s to be grateful about that? Well, I’m grateful that he doesn’t represent me. I’m grateful that I have yet another example of how not to behave. I’m grateful that I have the ability to recognize the double-standard of this situation. I’m also, surprisingly, grateful for knowing that he’s human. He makes mistakes. Because so do I, and I don’t ever want to forget that I’m human.

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