Early morning meditation

Driving to work, the sun was easing into the day behind some dramatic clouds. Amidst raindrops, a blossoming sunrise, and the glow from the still-lit park lamps, the view across the City Park was compelling.

It matches my mood today: reflective, a bit melancholy, yet somehow positive about my world. I’m reminded that there’s beauty despite uproar and daily grinds, and there’s serenity for the taking. Thank you. What a timely and excellent reminder.

2 thoughts on “Early morning meditation

  1. Kristi says:

    Thank you for the picture. I captured it in my mind’s eye on the way to work today also. On the way home it was the popped magnolia blossoms scattered across the landscape. There’s always something to be grateful for, isn’t there?

  2. Jennifer Crow says:

    That was my take, exactly. In the midst of angst, of trials, of stress, or of whatever’s active in our lives, the moment is always glorious and real and alive and pregnant with possibilities. Maybe it was the rain and the sky, but this morning it was almost as if life got a cleansing shower in the form of raindrops — sometimes you need things like that to chase away the grime and expose the moment. Today, I was certainly grateful for the moment and the perspective it carried.

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