365 Grateful: Days Like These …

Ah, we can learn so much from nature. As I was driving up the driveway to home, this most amazing blue sky with puffy white clouds salting it, and the trees in the woods stretching upward, captured my breath. Chewing on a creative prompt to write about a tree without saying it’s a tree, and there, nature handed it right to me.

Thanks to the poet ee cummings, who penned a most astonishing phrase — “a blue true dream of sky” (in “i thank you god for most this amazing day”). I found my entry into that writing prompt and produced this.

Wish I could say I painted the tree, but it’s a stock photo. I may take time to create my own tree after bit.

Today, may you notice when the sky above you is a “a blue true dream of sky” and then pay attention to the “leaping greenly spirits of trees.”

Blessed be.

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