365 Grateful: defying and defining

Woke up this morning a bit tired from a two-day driving trip. In those moments before dawn, it’s easy to flick on the lights but this morning felt different, as though it wanted something softer, gentler, more natural. Ah. A candle. One with the comforting smell of creamed honey and a soft, flickering glow that augments the dawn without competition.

There’s something gentle and kind about that kind of awakening that makes me want to do this every morning, and, yes, maybe every evening, like bookends to the artificiality of the day. To ease my entry into the world at dawn and my exit from it at dusk, paying homage to the natural rhythm of the wild world. It’s a bit of rewilding, isn’t it? Moving in sync with what nature has known forever but humans keep forgetting or chase away in fear of the holy dark.

I like being in sync with nature. Blessed be.

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