365 Grateful: Messages of Love

So I was sorting my necklaces yesterday, a bit like a crow with shiny objects. Placing like with like (pearls, artsy, stones, and so on). As is usual for me, after a while I’m over it and I stop. This morning I wake up, make my way to the bathroom, and glance over on the counter next to me.

I see this: my pearls naturally arranged into a heart, which, believe me, I had not done purposefully yesterday. It’s just how they naturally landed.

It made me smile. A reminder, perhaps, that we are all loved and that we all have an infinite capacity to love — others, pets, nature, kindness — but most of all, ourselves. I’m grateful for that reminder.

So be kind. Share some love with yourself today, along with others you meet on your journey, be they two-legged or four, winged or furred, well coiffed or just having a bad hair day. Blessed be.

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