365 Grateful: Where Will You Go Today?

I love jet contrails. They go every which way and never so beautifully as they do at sunrise or sunset, blazing lines across the sky. It always makes me think of the question, “Where will you go today?”

Isn’t that a great, purposeful question? It makes us more mindful of where we are and where we have chosen to travel … and maybe we’re more likely to be more sure of what’s waiting when we get there.

Yet I’m thinking there is more to the question, quite likely a bit occluded (maybe by those contrails). We can be so entranced by the lines we draw that we never cross them and venture into side journeys and experiences along the way.

I think it’s the crossing of those lines, for me, that makes the drawing of them more fulfilling and fun. When I cross them, ohhh, there’s the unexpected adventure, the unknown encounter, the new-found friend, and the burst of abundance that overflows.

Blessed be.

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