365 Grateful: Pens and Friends

365 Grateful 09-13-2019

It’s a bit funny, isn’t it, how something as seemingly sterile as a pen can cause your heart to swell in gratitude. And I don’t mean what comes through the pen, as writing does, but the actual implement itself.

When you first meet Mike and Cindy, what you notice are the five or so pens stuck in Mike’s shirt pocket, usually different colors. Within minutes, he’s offering you one of his pens, inscribed with the words, “Have a Great Day! Mike and Cindy.”

365 Grateful 09-13-2019-2

And if Mike doesn’t have pens in his pocket, Cindy has them in her purse.

It’s a tried and true marketing ploy but here’s the catch: Mike and Cindy aren’t marketing anything except goodwill: the wish for you to have a great day. They’re not hawking a business, or currying favor. He and Cindy buy these just to give away, for no other reason than to spread a little joy around. All in the form of a simple, unassuming pen.

OK, so it’s not just a pen. Mike and Cindy’s pens offer ink, to be sure, but also a stylus for tablets and phones and a tip that, when pressed, turns on a small LED flashlight. I’ve noticed on occasion my purse lights up when the pen bumps up against the sides. It’s a pleasant reminder to have a nice day, courtesy of my new friends.

I love writing instruments. I have many I’ve purchased, and many that wind up in my purse from hotel stays, trade shows, local businesses, and more. But none are more precious than a gift given “just because” by a couple who simply are generous and caring.

So bring more light into the world like this, I say. Thank you, Mike and Cindy. I hope you always run around with multiple pens in your pockets and purses, because it really matters. Your gesture of good will is sorely needed in our world. In many ways, it shows that the pen truly IS mightier than the sword, or in this day and age, mightier than the hate that so freely spews.

I’m grateful for you. Not just because of that really cool pen that illuminates my purse on occasion and makes me smile. But because I’ve met you and can call you friends. My days are much greater as a result.

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