Season’s Greetings, whatever season you embrace

To the woman working the window at McDonald’s where I made it through the Drive Through (shouldn’t it be McDrive?) with about two minutes to spare before closing for Christmas eve:

I’m sorry that, as you told me, I was the only one today who passed through the window with kind, friendly words. 

As you reached out and clasped my hands to tell me this and to thank me, please know that I am infinitely grateful that I could be that person for you. You made my night. 

Quite probably, you made my Christmas, because our discussion at the window as I sat in that non-moving line of cars brought home to me yet again the knowledge that we are far more alike than we are different and that there are always connections we can make with others, even when we have no idea of their names, their likes and dislikes, their politics, who they are or what they so desperately wish for… Even when we have no idea what kind of life they live, what trials they bear or what they have in their lives to celebrate or enjoy.

 Our exchange was a blinding reminder that, despite the fact we do not know one another, we can ALWAYS be kind. Oh, that is so easy to forget in the rush of life.  It’s good to be reminded. 

So, thanks for the Christmas gift you gave to me tonight. The gift of affirmation and recollection that this present moment is all we have and that those within that moment deserve our kindness. Always. 

I hope that shared connection tonight creates a space for you to relish the interconnectedness of life. It has done that already for me, and I cherish it.  Namaste. 

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