365 Grateful: It’s the little things

We’re on our way to a weekend family reunion in Virginia when, yes, that diet cola kicks in and the words “Rest Stop” become magical.  We pull over along the West Virginia Turnpike so I can zip in to the women’s room. What I spy there almost (almost!) makes me forget what I came in for.  

There on the wall by the sinks with their typically placed soap dispensers is one hanging about waist height … and it’s absolutely awesome! Colorful, bright, just for kids (and a few adults, like me!)  I have to bend down to stick my hand underneath, sure I am capturing some special kid-only soap.  It’s magical. I laugh out loud, whip out my phone, and snap a photo.  The folks coming in the door sidle away, but what do I care?  They’re grown ups … big people.  Not kids. A flash of sympathy sweeps through me, and I fling a wish into the stratosphere: that they may experience for themselves — and soon — the excitement of discovering delight in little things. Grateful that I still do.  

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