365 Grateful: to get somewhere, you have to leap

365 - 03-05-2015Yeah, here’s how it goes. I want to be over there. I’m over here. Over there might be a state of mind or a physical place or an activity. It doesn’t matter. When I’m over here, over there seems like it’s a chasm away. So I grumble around about not being there or having that or getting anywhere or being stuck, stymied, and held back.

Exactly. I don’t always get it at first. I chalk that up to human nature, but it’s pretty much a matter of my perspective and my attitude. Because, really? If I want to cross that chasm, generally what’s required is a leap … of faith. And that might mean faith in my ability, in my choice, in my desire, in my confidence, in the chance of success … all that stuff wrapped up into one big ol’ leap.

So when we traveled to Death Valley (amazing place, that!) back in 2009 with our friends, Lem and Patty, that concept of taking the leap, well, leaped out at me. Figuratively speaking, of course. Because that land is so amazingly inhospitable yet so beautiful and challenging, I couldn’t imagine those prospectors and early frontiersmen not looking down at the salt flats and thinking, “I’m stuck here, but there is where I want to be. Look at all of these obstacles; I don’t know if I’m up for that trek, but I need — I WANT — to be there. So, I’m just gonna go for it.”

It was a leap of faith of the tallest order. And, man, am I ever grateful to have experienced that place, and stretched my mind as well as my body there. Because I started to learn to love the “leap.”

In our lives, where Death Valleys are what stand between where we are today and where we want to be, those leaps of faith propel us forward.

  • “I want to start my own business, but I’ve never understood the business world.”
  • “I want a better relationship with my family, but fighting is what we do best.”
  • “I’m not happy in my marriage, but the alternative is wicked scary.”
  • “I want to save the planet, but how can I possibly make a difference?”

Oh, those are leaps of faith. Learn to love them!


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