365 Grateful: Luminosity

365 - 01-05-2015The other day as I drove off to work I encountered this view of the breaking sun electrifying sky and clouds, and the only word that sang out was “luminous.” The sky was brilliantly on fire, the earth still dark and shuttered, although with glints and glimmers of clarity beginning to slide across the landscape.

I thought about that on the short drive to work (all of 3 miles). I think that’s how it should be. The aha moment — the insight — should arrive in a way that’s luminous — that breaks across the horizon like the rising sun and casts away shadows, bit by bit.

I’m grateful for it, that luminosity — of sky and awareness, of aha and comprehension — and for how it inexorably lightens my path in increments, so my awareness can keep up, continuously expanding and adapting as it processes and blossoms.

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