365 Grateful: 09.16.2014

365 - 09-16-2014

Our local McDonald’s is engulfed in renovation; there are trucks and porta potties, workers in neon, scaffolding soaring high toward the roof, plastic and, yes, a sign that says, “Drive Through Open.” So we drove through, dodging workers and barricades. No menu in the drivethrough, just a lonely speaker attached to a cord that wound its way back inside the building. The window? Still there, but an employee dodging flakes of drywall as workers sanded above ferried our money to the window. The drink delivery? The same, except an employee carefully covered and brought our order from the window to our car. I’m struck by the dedication of these employees and this location to serving its clientele. Grateful for the small town where we will move in a month or two. I like their attitude.

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