365 Grateful: 09.11.2014

365 - 09-11-2014

Isn’t it interesting how so many treasures look like, well, rocks. Plain things. Nondescript products of Mother Earth that we kick with our toes as we wander down an alley or skim across a pond with a practiced toss. You hold in your hand something special that, when polished or cracked open, reveals amazing treasures, like these crystals. I’m reminded of how each of us is a geode, of sorts. Inside, when we dare to crack open and reveal ourselves, we find amazing and valuable treasures not even hinted at by our rough exteriors. I’m grateful when I crack my hard shell, and grateful when others crack their shells to reveal the real person inside.

From the left is a citrine crystal point (hexagonal), a clear quartz crystal with occlusions (hexagonal), and a candle quartz crystal (hexagonal), so named because it’s reminiscent of the melted wax along the sides of a candle.

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