365 Grateful: 08.13.2014

365 - 08-13-2014What’s to be grateful about getting eight stitches in your cheek plus a lovely shiner?

Well, my glasses didn’t break (didn’t even get scratched). The blood came out of my brand new purse really easily (we’ll find out how my shirt and pants fare later). I got to ride in a wheelchair for the first time ever (but only because the nurse at work made me).

I had my first CAT scan (nothing broken, shattered, or fractured in my cheek; a hung jury on the nose but only because it’s too swollen to tell if there’s a hairline fracture (I’m betting not)).No concussion. The ER was actually pretty efficient and quick.

That’s quite a bit to be grateful for, don’t you think? I can put up with that caterpillar on my cheek for a week, and a black eye always offers an opportunity to be a creative storyteller.

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