365 Grateful: 06.27.2014

365 - 06-27-2014
I do believe there is hope for the future.

Two student artists from a local college created this amazing tree — from trash. Prism of Synchronicity currently graces the front room of the Artsbridge office, a non-profit arts funding organization working tirelessly to bring art education and experiences to school children and to  provide grants for arts organizations, artists, and groups.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on Artsbridge’s board, of course, because the work they do matters. But even more, I’m grateful for how Artsbridge supports young artists whose vision and passion will one day help change this world for the better.

Support the arts, my friends, for that’s where we’ll create a better future.

Prism of Synchronicity
Synchronicity is the interconnected web through which all things in the universe are linked. Even the smallest action can have a profound impact on the ebb and flow of the world around us. Synchronicity is the delicate chain of events that shifts and moves through time. The world is a kaleidoscope of colorful coincidences that fit together to make a bigger picture. The experiences we have are like a row of dominoes all knocking into each other in a long line of fated interactions. In this way protection and preservation of the earth, even through small actions, can have a wide-reaching effect on the course of humanity in the future. In the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life it is so easy to forget that, without the earth to sustain us, we would be lost. It is easy to be unaware that the things we consume and then discard in an instant do, in fact, have a life after they have left our garbage can that negatively affects the earth, even after they are out of our sight. The trick is to see the potential beauty in the repurposing and reusing of those things we think are worthless and to be aware that every action can have a far-reaching impact on the world around us.

Everything can become something better.
Everything can take on a new life of its own.
Everything is breathtakingly and beautifully connected.

Megan Bumgardner
J Battin

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