365 Grateful: 06.13.2014

365 - 06-13-2014
The world seems to take natural phenomena for granted these days. Maybe we’re too busy with our technological marvels, but we sometimes have a hard time disengaging from the virtual to engage with the natural.

Take tonight’s full moon. How many full moons have you seen? Right. Hundreds. But how many full moons on a Friday the 13th have you seen? I mean, sure, it’s the same moon that was full 29.53 days ago, and the same one that will be full again 29.53 days hence.

Still, there’s a wonder and an awe about nature that makes gazing at a full moon, rare or not, a meditation of sorts. Grateful, tonight, that I managed to get a reasonably OK photo of something I more than likely won’t be around to see in 2049. But even more grateful for spending the moments between photos simply soaking in its awesomeness. In the end, that’s the richer thing.

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