365 Grateful: 06.03.2014

365 - 06-03-2014

We’re building a house, right? And that means coordinating lots of unfamiliar details because we’ve never done this kind of thing before and we’re not in the business. It’s an angsty kind of world in which I find myself these days.

But there’s humor! And for that, I’m grateful because it helps break up the stress from all those infernal details.

So, I corresponded with a really nice guy from the gas company who sent us an easement agreement that will allow them to put in the line and maintain it so we’ll have heat. And be able to cook. Plus, they’re giving us a dollar!

The disconnect is this: when you put me in the same room as details, I look for the big picture. I sent the agreement on to Charlie and copied the gas man about meeting to sign and notarize the papers. Well, pretty soon Charlie sends this nice email to the gas man, copying me. He writes:

CHARLIE: Good afternoon. My wife sent me a copy of the document we need to have signed and notarized. She will be calling you to set up a time to do so, but I would like to point out a typo that should probably be corrected before we sign. The address is listed as “Bedrock”. It’s actually “Belrock.” Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

So I’m now howling at work, which causes pod-mates to glance curiously at the lunatic who’s all hunched over, turning red, with tears rolling down her face. Eventually, I write back:

ME: OMG! I never even noticed that. I’m still laughing! Where’s Fred? Wilma? LOL. OK, we have copies of the document and you’re a notary, so if we plan to meet you somewhere in Belpre, can you just bring the corrected originals and we’ll sign then? Or do you want to send us a corrected version? Either way works. We can meet you at the property or somewhere you recommend to sign. Let us know which way to proceed.

And then the gas man gets into the mix:

GAS MAN: Thank you, both. I’m chuckling myself and I’m glad my typo provided the humor, all because you made the connection right of way. I won’t forget this typo! It’s sure nice to have some humor while at work!

Which, of course, put me right back in stitches at his use of right of way instead of right away. As my friend Denny pointed out, he was probably so used to writing “right of way” he just let it flow.

Exactly. That’s humor at its best, and I’m really grateful for it.

The photo is of my mom, one Christmas many years back. She had the most beautiful smile, and her laughter was contagious. I miss it.


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