365 Grateful: 05.12.2014

365 05-12-2014
Sometimes Mother’s Day is problematic for me. My mother died five years ago, I never had children, and the dogs aren’t good about cards, much less breakfast in bed (unless it’s theirs).

I do have a lovely stepdaughter, but I have a hard time considering myself “a mother.” Maybe it’s how “mother” is defined. Maybe it’s because I don’t ever want to take away from her mom’s birthright. And, yes, I know I’m defining “mother” in a narrow way when I get into a mood like this.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful today for a perfect gift from my stepdaughter. But more than that, her card and her words that speak volumes. I guess I just have to work on letting myself hear them. Thanks, young Jennifer, for the sentiments, the gift, and your presence. You’re an amazing young woman and I’m proud to be part of your life. Love you!

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