365 Grateful: 04.24.2014

365 - 04-24-2014

Today is Take Your Children To Work Day, and the coaches are scheduled to lead four – count ’em, FOUR – 45-minute programs filled with children of all ages. It’s really early but I’m still late and I’ve already forgotten one thing I need. I zip the car into its spot and start walking, head down, arms laden with stuff. I glance up at the still dusky sky: popcorn clouds covering everything, dull, gray, and dreary. I sigh, then do a double take. There’s a hole in the cloud cover, behind it blue sky and distinct evidence of sunshine. My eyes drift to a second hole, almost hidden low on the horizon. I smile and, despite being late, I lay down my armload, dig out my camera, and snap a photo. Immediate attitude change! Grateful for those small things that turn a gray day into one filled with sunshine, even when the sun’s hiding above the clouds.

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