365 Grateful: 03.04.2014

365 - 03-04-2014

Connection. Man, am I ever grateful for connection! It drives life, you know, so I’m not surprised. But let me tell you why that arose for me today. I slip into a local store on my way home from work. Behind the counter is a woman I know through Charlie. She’s an acquaintance, and I like her, but we don’t regularly interact.

We chat a bit. She shares her authentic self with me, and I respond the same. That’s not something most acquaintances do. As I leave, the old-fashioned bell on the door rings and sounds its way into my awareness.

So, maybe it’s because the store is in an old, re-purposed home with lovely worn wooden floors and friendly low-tech ambiance, but I realize two things:

First, we connected in those brief moments on a really deep, trusting level, and there’s a sacredness about being authentic and allowing connection that truly feeds the soul.

Second, among all the “places” I find myself, this one feels real, honest, warm, and supportive. Grateful for the connections.

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